Dermapen needling is thought to be the best skin rejuvenation technique today, without the use of heat/lasers/chemicals the treatment is considered to be a natural and safe approach to improving the skin from inside out.

How it works?

The procedure involves the use of a hand held device with tiny vibrating needles, these create microscopic injury to the superficial layers of the skin, triggering the skins natural healing capacity. This results in the production of large amounts of collagen and elastin- the building blocks of healthy skin. There is minimal pain involved and virtually no downtime. 


How can it help me?

Get that youthful glow back - The treatment diminishes imperfections by the production of collagen and elastin, this results in tighter, smoother and healthier skin. We also see an improvement is fine lines and wrinkles and a reduction in pore size.

Increased absorbance and effectiveness of active ingredients - The micro-tunnels created by the needles helps transport vitamins and minerals to the deeper layers of the skin, this creates quicker and more powerful results.


Improved acne, scarring and pigmentation - The needling action helps kill the Acne bacteria, the formation of healthy new cells improves scars and the deep delivery of active ingredients reduces pigmentation.  

Dr Binaca believes in using the highest quality equipment, with the most significant clinical research and data, the Dermapen has proven be just this.

Please see our Blog posts and FAQ's for more information regarding the Dermapen treatment.

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