First time Lip Filler

March 21, 2018

Did you know that it takes most women 5 years from the moment of considering treatment to actually having treatment!


I have a lot of first time clients, furhur investigation shows that the two primary fears that prolong the waiting time is... 


1. Fear of the result!!! Photo's on social media and search engine searches can be misleading, I feel it is important to discuss have your goals heard, not everyone wants the same thing. First time treatment, is usually with 1ml Dermal Filler and the result is a natural looking lips with enhanced definition, hydration and poutiness. When injected correctly there should be minimal lumps and should feel soft and natural. 


2. Fear of Pain!!! At FaceSculpt we use medical grade...prescription strength numbing cream which is complimentary. Local anaesthetic injections are offered at an addition cost. There is local anaesthetic within the Dermal Filler making the treatment more comfortable.

Treatment takes around 5 minutes so the patient finds it very bearable. 


I have treated thousands of clients lips and I have only had a couple who would never have the treatment again due to pain.


Below are photos of first time lip filler, the after photos are taken immediately after treatment and there is swelling present. The treatment takes 2-4 weeks to fully settle, re-treatment should be no shorter then 4-6 weeks if indicated.
















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