How to find the best cosmetic injector for you...

March 25, 2018

Did you know almost 50% of people wanting cosmetic injectables will keep visiting different cosmetic clinics in the search of the perfect injector one who understands their needs...


Here are my TOP FIVE TIPS to help you find a great injector...


1. Medical Knowledge:  How important is it to have someone who knows what they are doing when adminstering a drug into your face!?!  Education is everything and it is important your injector can explain the ageing process to you, how it is personally affecting you and what options you have...then to precisely and safely deliver the treatment. 


2. Constantly upskilling: The cosmetic industry is constantly evolving and transforming, what we once thought was good is no longer. Your injector is your direct contact to keeping up with the best ways in looking after your face. 


3. Understands beauty: Everyone has a different opinion of what is beautiful to them, does your injector understand your face and what your vision is. Setting goals and having a comprehensive consultation is essential for optimal results.  


4. Photos can be misleading: In a world of illegal copyright and face tuning apps it is important for you to know your injectors 'before and after' photos are authentic, top tip here...look for consistency in results and photography. 


5. Experience:  Did you know you can do a weekend course and start injecting!! Have an idea of your injectors background. Is your injector a Doctor or a Nurse? Who is your Doctor if something was to go wrong? What are the complications and can your injector manage them?












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