Lip Fillers: Tips to avoid complications

June 30, 2018

Commom complications we see in new patients that have had previous Lip Filler treatments, most commonly are lumps, uneven or disproportionate lips and over filled borders. 


I believe education is key, Lip Fillers are a medical procedure. It is important that your Cosmetic Injector is able to explain to you what treatment you are having and why.


It is essential to have a treatment plan to reach a goal, knowing what to expect, how long it will take and how much will it cost is just as important as knowing that your Cosmetic Injector is not going anywhere and is able to continue your care. In the rare case of a complication can your Injector take care of you?


Post procedure care is crucial, follow up is a useful opportunity to monitor your progress and make adjustments to your treatment plan. 


Unfortunatly sometimes your injector may advice it is time to dissolve, if you haven't been getting the result you wanted else where, it is time to start from scratch... 


Hardest part of my job is treating patients that have had treatments else where, especially when unsure of which procedure and what products were used.


Cosmetic injectors come in a range of skill set and experience.... How do you find a safe one?


Social media allows you to view a Injectors portfolio, websites can often have a gallery and case studies. Researching your medical practiotioner allows you to get an idea of their style of work and experience level. 


Word of mouth is always the best, where have your friends and family had good experiences and results?


Booking in a consultation makes it easier to get to know to your injector, are you and your injector in the same page?



Hope these tips helped!!!



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